Investing in scalable startups that change industries
Our creed is to back entrepreneurs and visionaries in leading technologies. We believe ultimately good investments should serve as the steering power to help an individual, a business, an industry, and a race shift to better realities. To that end, a good return should be the abundance itself that an investor brings to the investee.
Our investment principles include: 
Scale. This is the key difference between a local vs global impact. Technologies that can scale change the world.
Not all technology is equal. Technology that can positively impact humanity is vital.
We back people, not business plans.
Execution is everything. Good ideas exist, it’s their execution that can make them great.
Diversity and inclusion. We back startups from all walks of life.
About Us
We are a Singapore-based investment and corporate advisory company focused on backing fast scaling technology opportunities.

We invest in early-stage disruptive startups with a focus on artificial intelligence, blockchain, geospatial, mobility and infrastructure technologies.

We also offer professional consultancy and constructive strategies especially for cross-border and cross-cultural projects into wider Asian markets focusing on South-East Asia and China. The ability to create centrifugal forces in bringing the best technologies from Silicon Valley, Australia and Europe into Asia is our niche by offering deep connections and networks.